Palm oil is the world’s most important vegetable oil. Its unique properties make it a key ingredient in food, cosmetics, washing agents, colors amongst others. However, the production of palm oil is controversial. Not only are indigenous forests being replaced by monocultures. In addition, the production of palm oil leads to the formation of vast volumes of solid and liquid wastes. One of those waste byproducts are so called empty fruit bunches. Every year, approximately 20 million metric tons of EFB are being generated in Malaysia alone. Most of the EFB piles up at waste disposal sites or plantations. Disposal has become a serious concern for palm oil producers in recent years, as the natural degradation of EFB leads to formation of the greenhouse gas methane. All large scale approaches to utilize the biomass have been unsuccessful, so far. Therefore, PATHWAY-EFB significantly contributes to the fight against climate change.